This project aims to mark Lewis Henry Morgan’s (1818—1881) bicentennial by revisiting his various legacies, recovering and publicizing them while at the same time critically reevaluating them.  We propose to sponsor a set of related activities throughout the calendar year 2018, culminating in the autumn with three complementary public exhibits hosted by Rush Rhees Library, the Rochester Museum & Science Center, and the Rochester Public Library/Office of the City Historian.

Activities during the year will include:

Offering a dedicated course (ANT 285/485 offered in fall 2017 and spring 2018, cross-listed with History).

Organizing a speaker and film series with venues on and off campus.

Developing related programming at local cultural institutions.

Organizing a workshop for diverse Morgan scholars oriented to a publication by the University of Rochester Press.

Building a website and digital exhibit to document the project and furnish a durable resource for the project’s community partners as well as the University community.

View details for upcoming events.

Miss Elsie Elm (Oneida) sings the funeral dirge in her native Oneida language at the Lewis Henry Morgan tomb on Nov. 14 1920. Stone, Mr. Albert R., courtesy of Rochester Museum & Science Center.

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